The City of Raahe has leased the land and water areas and the quays of the port to Port of Raahe Ltd. The company manages and provides port activities in the rented area.

The Port of Raahe was granted an environmental permit by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland in 2014. The permit includes detailed monitoring, control and reporting obligations. The environmental impacts of port activities have been assessed during the environmental permit application process, in addition to which a separate environmental survey was carried out. The environmental survey covers the Lapaluoto Port area owned by the City of Raahe, and the environmental aspects of processes managed by Port of Raahe Ltd in the area.

The port also monitors the meeting of its own environmental goals: decreasing energy consumption and waste as well as improving the sorting of waste. 

The Port of Raahe Ltd complies with the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management standard and applies an environmental permit for all of its new operations.